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SPIRAL’s Profile

Founded in 1993, Spiral first started in Singapore with Spiral Transportation & Service Pte Ltd to provide logistical support to the local Marine, Oil/Gas scene. As we moved forward progressively, Spiral Marine Pte Ltd was formed in 2003 to expand our customer service goals to ensure that each customer's unique needs are met by.

In Singapore, Spiral is a rising name in the Oil/Gas industry which operates with a lean and flexibility team of 50. Our extensive transportation and logistics equipments of about 120 trailers & vehicles, including our Heavy Transporter Hydralic modular unit (Goldhofer) with capacity up to 640 tonnes, have eased our customers’ burdens by providing comprehensive and holistic logistical and transportation solutions that help them accomplish the goals of their businesses.

As part of Spiral’s strategic goals, Spiral is diversifying its business portfolio to strengthen its supply chain with new complimentary service to be the pioneer in Asia to provide Riser-Buoyancy Repair and Maintenance services to the Oil/Gas industry in the region.


Spiral is committed to offer excellence services at the highest possible level of operational safety, Integrity and regulatory compliance. Spiral sustains because we do what others cannot. Spiral is committed to offer superior service that always exceeds our customer’s expectations. Spiral’s mission is to continually deliver our promises Fast and Reliable and ultimately assist our customers to growth worldwide.



1. Premium quality and unparalleled customer service

Deliver competitive, outstanding service to our customers and, where required, partner our customers with vendors who share our vision.

2. Customers' satisfaction

Provide the most effective and efficient corrective action in resolving customer service issues.

3. Respect

Treat each employee with respect and listen to their input on how to continually improve the service goals.

4. Fairness

Spiral does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and encourages all supervisors to involve employees in problem solving. When problems arise, the facts are analyzed to determine ways to avoid similar problems in the future.

5. Open door policy

Encourages interaction, discussions and the exchange of ideas to improve the work environment, and increase productivity.

6. “Do It Right The First Time”

As our commitment.